Global Trade & Supply Chain Finance

Welcome to Trafin

Trafin is committed to providing buyers and sellers with working capital as they need it.

Our expertise in global markets, coupled with the latest technology and security, uniquely enables us to serve international business owners. We offer simple, efficient, and risk-mitigating cash flow solutions often without collateral, allowing companies to conduct business in emerging and developing markets. We work closely with our customers to provide funding facilities for both large and small transactions. We are both transactional driven and whole working capital facility providers - from bulk shipments of commodities to manufactured containerized goods. When required, we can take on buyer non-payment and delayed payment risk. As proponents of "Open Account Trading," Trafin offers funding with and without the need for Letters of Credit - making transactions more straightforward and less expensive for all parties. Most importantly, we tailor the funding solution to suit the Customer's needs.

Located in the world's largest financial hubs, including London, New York, Dubai, and New Delhi, our globally integrated team can serve our clients speedily and with the most competitive funding available. We work with both large and small Buyers and Suppliers around the world - you can move your suppliers and buyers to open account terms on deferred payment terms but, where appropriate, an LC can be added to any trade or facility.

Our extensive trade and supply chain finance solutions can decrease costs while increasing selling and buying power, reduce risk, and strengthen relationships with key suppliers and buyers.

We are registered by the FCA - Financial Conduct Authority for AML - Anti Money Laundering.

Why Trafin

Gain international competitive advantage while mitigating risk with our personalized trade finance solutions​.

Supplier Finance

Oversee payment terms, improve liquidity, and reduce payment cycles

Documentary Collections

Reduce the risk of paying for goods before receiving documents.

Supply Chain Finance

Build and reinforce supplier relationships and more effectively disburse working capital

Conduct your global export business, finance exports and invoice receivables.

​Document Production & Payment

A seamless process from documentation to collection. Improve visibility and reduce risk from foreign buyers.

Non-Recourse Finance

Reduce non-payment risk when exporting goods.

Receivables Finance

Convert receivables into cash - reduce collection cycles, increase access to liquidity, and better manage cash flow.

​​Sell More Goods

Offer attractive financing to overseas customers and increase your sales without compromising your cash flow.

Financial solutions that work for your suppliers globally.

Quick to implement, no changes to systems or PO processes.

Global coverage with multi-currency options available.

A Bank LC can be added to any trade.

Lets build your business